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Apr 14, 2024

Lynnette M.

Last weekend, I did an overnight at the Energy Room in Cedar Park. Stephanie and Mark were so kind. They ensured that the space was comfortable and I had everything I needed for a peaceful, restful night. It was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to being able to do again soon. Yesterday, I took my whole family back for a 2 hour session, and again, we were given the best care. We all fell asleep and allowed the magic of healing to happen. Thank you Stephanie and Mark for your kindness and care.

Apr 07, 2024

Margaret M.

WOW....I am addicted to this. After about a month of experiencing the energy therapy that they are providing I am amazed and excited about what is possible moving forward. I did try to split up my budgeted weekly 2 hour session into 2-1 hour sessions but I do notice a much deeper and more relaxing experience. 2 hours is better and I plan on continuing to go here as much as my time and budget will allow. Why? I recently had a trip to the hospital for gall bladder issues and from previous experience, know how long it can take to turn that around. I was about 3 weeks into that journey when I started the EES therapy and 4 weeks later I have no pain, bloating and severe stomach issues are gone. But wait, that's not all! I had a nasty looking mole on my forehead that after the first session I could not feel. It did return a day or two later and has still been there. Well after the latest session I can no longer feel it and barely see it...omg. But there's still more... I have been struggling with nagging health issues for years and a smoking habit that both left me feeling drained and severely fatigued. After 4 weeks of sessions I quit smoking (8 days now with very little trouble), feel so much better, am working out and actually enjoying my life again. Did I say I feel BETTER. I am going to reiterate what I stated in my review after the first session; do I think this is the cure all miracle cure for everything? No. But do I believe this is a powerful and VALUABLE tool to accelerate your energy and healing process. YES YES YES. It has helped me to crawl out of a very dark whole I had let myself fall into, one I doubted I could get out of. THANK YOU EES and the CP Energy Room team for bringing this to the area for all of us!

Apr 04, 2024

Lynnette M.

I took my family into a 2 hour session at The Energy Room. It is a beautiful space, with real attention to detail for comfort and care. Stephanie and Mark are genuinely caring people and made every effort to ensure we were comfortable. I am going back to do an over night session and can not wait! I saw visible changes in some health markers for myself after the first 2 hour session. I highly recommend The Energy Room

Apr 02, 2024

Ann B.

Great healing environment

Mar 25, 2024

Margaret M.

WOW...didn't help that there was a strong geomagnetic storm going on (that affects us all) but I definitely had a wonderful experience. Mark was awesome to speak with and he made me very comfortable with this new experience. Right after the session I was hungry, slightly tired, but I felt so much calmer, almost dreamy. Also, a mole I had been working on to remove was undetectable right after the session. It did reappear later but is much smaller and less noticeable. But here's what sold me on the technology; I've been experiencing gall bladder issues and treating myself holistically with some improvement but was having pain almost consistently. Since doing the session the pain is GONE. Do I think this is a miracle that will heal everyone's pain? Probably not. Do I believe this to be a very powerful and useful tool on the path of healing and wholeness? YOU BET! I am booking a second session and bringing a friend along. I'll be doing this on the regular as long as my budget allows. Give it a try...I highly recommend at least that!

Mar 07, 2024

Jay H.

This is a wonderful place to have a healing, rejuvenating experience! Very relaxing, comfortable and inviting. Stephanie and Mark are warm, welcoming folks who want you to have an enjoyable visit. I recommend you go with a collaborative mindset and that you focus on an open, grateful, healing and receiving mindset. This technology requires your participation and 100% cooperation in my view. I had a great first visit and bought the 10 hour package. My sense of smell has improved and pain levels dropped significantly, my body and mind felt peaceful and coherent. Highly recommend!

Feb 26, 2024

Heather C.

This was the 1st time visiting the Energy Room, I have been researching this system a while and was ecstatic after finding a center in Cedar park. This place is so calming and peaceful and the owners are very kind and loving. My partner and I feel deeply relaxed and look forward to many more hours here., as healing takes time.

Feb 16, 2024

Tamara B.

I truly cannot get enough of the Energy Room. It is almost like you step onto another realm of existence filled with peace and tranquillity when you enter the room. After visiting a few times I feel I have more energy, I am sleeping longer stretches at night, have more clarity and I feel more calm in stressful situations. I have been working on the last one, but truly all people will have a different experience, but a positive one. I highly recommend a visit to the Energy Room in Cedar park. What a blessing of holistic healing right here. First of it kind and you’re worth it!!!

Feb 03, 2024

Vanessa S.

I have been to The Energy Room in Cedar Park 2x now. I absolutely love it. The screens in the room emit healing scalar and frequency waves to support and balance your body. The first time I went it was for an hour and the second time was 3 hours. Within 20 mins of sitting in the room you feel a calmness rush over you. You drop down into a wonderful peaceful state. It’s a great time to meditate, dream and release emotions that aren’t serving you. I slept really well after both sessions and the day following have amazing energy and motivation- I just feel so healthy and in balance. I also noticed an acne breakout went away immediately. I recommend the longer sessions as it seems more effective. I plan on going at least monthly or quarterly for a reset. If this type of technology (or any kind of energy & frequency modality) is new you, I encourage you to open up your mind to try something new. You have nothing to lose. It may just be your answer to healing and feeling your best.

Jan 18, 2024

Tamara B.

This is the way holistic healing was divinely created by science and spirit combined. This amazing son and mother team full and love and passion for wanting to heal souls have planted their roots right here in Cedar Park, Texas. The experience of Unifyd EE system healing our physical bodies, emotional, mental as well as our spiritual body, is the ultimate way to accelerate your healing journey. After my first 2 hour session I felt the vibration within and around my being and slept 9 hours straight with no medications or interrupted sleep. I cannot wait to see how my healing journey unfolds. Thank you Mark and Stepahanie for coming to our community and blessing all who walk through your door! Tamara

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